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Winter protection for your Koi ponds

With no doubt the winter has bright sides. However for a Koi the winter means stagnation of growth and in spring, when the water is getting warmer there is the risk of dying by a thermal shock. However there are possibilities not to cool down the pond too strong

Our service:

Pond covering, consisting of balls filled with argon. Just pour on the water until the pond surface is covered. Argon is a noble gas, which has a very poor thermal conductivity. Areas that you want to keep free (for feeding) have to be kept free hose assembled to a circle.

Furthermore, we can offer you a heat pump (air system) to keep your pond warm. The heat pump has an incredible efficiency of 1:8. This means that with every kilowatt of electricity the pump produces 8 kilowatts of heat output for your pond. We use Argon-balls and heat pumps ourselves.