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Building a Koi pond yourself

A Koi pond in the own garden for many Koi enthusiasts is a dream that seems unattainable. But have you ever thought of building a pond yourself?

However there are many questions. How can the pond be planned and integrated into the garden? How has the filter system to be planned to enable an efficient and cost effective filtering? Which pond wall should be taken?

Do you want to be assisted by our specialists? We advise and accompany you while you build your own pond. Everything that you do not want to make yourselves, we will do for you.

Our Service

You only have a few questions:
You build your own pond, but you have a few questions to a specialist. You want that we examine a phase of construction. Our experts will also come for a visit of two hours. Call us.

You provide everything in your own work and we make the site supervision. Step by step, we will accompany you.

General technical advice:
We are at your disposal for any question about the Koi pond. Which pond wall has to be built? What is the best filter for the pond? With our years of experience, we help to your success.

You do not want to do the earthworks yourselves. With our machines, this is no problem. You do not even have to take care of the disposal.

Filter system:
They want to assign us to make the Filter system? Here our experience plays a major role for the efficiency of the plant.

Foil Welding:
You want to do this work rather by an expert?

We offer all the elements to a fixed price. For your planning safety.