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Koi pond: Optimization and restoration

Often we find that even in existing systems a huge optimization is possible. The water of Koi ponds should at least every two hours once fully be circulated and filtered. In a not optimally designed filter system, this means maximum power for your pump and your electricity bill.

A drum filter in a gravity system has only a clearance of about 2 centimetres in order to run optimally. Are the tubes too small? Are there 90-degree bends? Then you give away energy to a considerable extent. We circulate in a properly designed system 120 m (120,000 litres) of water in an hour with only 0.4 KW power. In an optimized system, a higher filter performance with lower electricity costs is achieved.

Our service:

We check your system and prepare an offer for the possible optimization and savings potential. The "return on investment" based on your electricity can be determined immediately.

Is your pool damaged? Does your filter system or the pump work error-free? We bring your investment back in professional status.