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The Koi pond

The Koi pond is not only an important center of the garden, but also source of special joy and attention for Koi enthusiasts. Diversity in design is combined with technical perfection. We'll show you several examples for Koi ponds, but also the building of a koi pond, and the heart of each Koi pond: the filter. We attach great importance to create the Koi pond as an optimal environment for your Koi. So the aesthetic experience Koi pond is combined with the reassuring knowledge that your Koi will get the best possible living conditons.

Our performance for your Koi pond:

We offer everything from one source. When constructing a Koi pond a multitude of trades is needed. All activities will be conducted by us. Starting with consulting and planning of the Koi pond, based on your wishes and possibilities, preparation, filters, the complete technology, paving, landscaping, everything from one source. And if the technology actually should not work, we are protecting your investment and your Kois 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to be able to intervene immediately.

With no doubt the technical heart of the Koi pond is the filter system. For optimum growing conditions your Kois will not only need clean water but also water temperature from 20 to 23 degrees C. Here we can offer an optimal solution, which we use ourselves: a heat pump which heats your koi pond. Kois are not only a source of pleasure and relaxation they are also an investment, which is worth protecting.