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Indoor pond: The protected pond

There are many reasons to opt for an indoor pond:

Winter pool:
A transformation of the Koi because of seasonal reasons in an indoor pond offers several advantages compared with overwintering in an outside pool. The temperatures in the inside pond are to control more easily than in a pool outside. Koi can be overwintered at higher temperatures. Even in case of a heated outside pool, temperatures can not always be maintained in the desired range, as the extremely cold winter 2008/2009 proved. The indoor pond keeps the surrounding room temperature, so that there are no additional energy costs.

Indoor pond:
Surely the best reason to decide for an indoor pond: An indoor pond with permanent Koi stock offers at lowest maintenance costs the possibility to pursue its hobby, independent from season and weather.

Quarantine tank:
Unfortunately, sometimes it is inevitable that, even with the best care, one of the animals must be put into quarantine. May be the Koi needs rest, or the veterinarian prescribes a medication, that can be carried out in the pond not or only conditionally. In this case it is a good idea to create an interior basin. Thus, the koi will get optimal care.

Our Service:

We will plan and build your indoor pond, no matter if you need a small quarantine tank or a complete indoor pond. All services will be carried out by our Team. You will have one reference person for everything.