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Erratic blocks: Jewels in the garden

A boulder is a special design element in the own garden. If positioned properly and placed with the trained eye of an expert, boulders can affect the plant in a positive way. However it is important to have the trained eye and experience of an expert to position the boulders artfully in the plant.

When designing gardens, important basic rules are often disobeyed today, which badly influence the effect of boulders. Thus a boulder should fit into the surrounding area and should not have the effect as „laid down“.

Our service:

A large selection of boulders is available on stock for you. These stones have a weight from a few hundred pounds up to 20 tons. Even boulders of 60 tons and more are available. We will deliver such boulders and position them in your garden. We show you a small selection of stones on stock on the right. These can be inspected on site. Please contact us and arrange an appointment.

From the consultation to positioning the stones you will get everything from one hand.