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Bonsai: Symbolism of the Far Eastern garden culture

The conception of Bonsai originated in China and symbolizes the harmony the harmony between human, the living world and the forces of nature. We simply associate it with the traditional Far Eastern garden design.

The Bonsai, or topiary in the own garden appears like either a solitary or a harmoniously into the environment fitted artwork which was brought to its groth habit by careful design. In any case it is a stile-defining element that contributes to the garden's character. In these latitudes, is often cultured from native trees and shrubs which are adapted to our climate. In general, any woody plant with small leaves or needles is suited, such as pine, maple or elm, and beech too.

Our services:

We cooperate with some of the most prestigious Bonsai growers. So we are able to offer a wide selection of Bonsai which will be selected for each of your desired location. We have recourse to a very wide range of shapes, sizes and species.